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32 x 2.5 - Organic/FT Mexican Chiapas

This Southern Mexican, Chiapan coffee is what our resident coffee snob, Jason, drinks on an every day basis. We have roasted this coffee at what we would consider a City Roast (somewhere between a traditional Dark Roast and a French Roast) which really accentuates the natural flavor profile of the coffee without sacrificing its inherent, sweet structure. A pronounced acidity, a pipe tobacco aroma and hints of black raspberry linger wonderfully between sips.

Nestled in the Lacandon jungle of Chiapas, La Unión de Sociedades de la Selva (La Selva) formed in 1978 as a result of the Mexican agrarianreform movement and the community's demand for increased health,education and social services. The co-op’s founding farmers and localpriests were largely of the Tojolabal ethnic group and valued the “Theology of the Earth” philosophy.

32 - 2.5oz packs per case.

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