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› Frequently Asked Questions About Our Company

We are a small, family owned business providing the finest quality products and services to individuals, restaurants, offices, institutions and convenience stores throughout the Central Pennsylvania region. We have been in business since 1978.

Headquartered in Lewistown with regional branches in Selinsgrove, Williamsport, Clearfield, Altoona and Harrisburg, we have grown into Central Pennsylvania's preeminent coffee service company. Whether your preference is value or variety, we guarantee a product line and reliability of service which will not only meet your budget but also exceed your expectations.

Even with the recent escalation of world commodity prices, coffee's rising popularity reflects its inherent appeal as one of the least expensive, most satisfying and healthiest beverages available. To that point, the cost difference between an average cup of coffee and a cup of the finest quality is only a few cents. Which would you prefer?

  • Where does the name Rich Coast come from?
      Rich Coast in English means Costa Rica. We love the high grown, flavorful coffees of Central America and some of our favorites come from Costa Rica, so we named our company for it.
  • Do you roast your own coffee?
      Not exactly. We plan to feature on-premise, small batch roasts in the near future. We currently buy raw, green coffees from around the World and have them roasted, ground, and packaged to our exact specifications by others with whom we have placed our trust and confidence for over thirty years.
  • Where do your coffee beans come from?
      We source our coffees from over 80 different countries located in the tropical and subtropical regions of the World. Each country's harvest can vary a great deal from year to year, so we are constantly finding wonderful coffees to include in our blends.
  • Do you deliver?
      We do not personally deliver products purchased on the Retail / Home Use site or in-store. We do deliver products if you register to become a commercial account. We do offer the ability for you to purchase anything on the Home Use site and instead of paying for us to ship it, we offer the ability for you to pick it up at either of our retail stores for free.
  • What forms of payment do you accept?
      We currently accept cash, checks, credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover), and money orders.
  • Can I order online?
      We encourage you to do so. We believe ordering online can be a mutually beneficial and productive mode of commerce. You are asked to register so we can provide you enhanced services but immediately thereafter you can go directly to the webstore, add products to your cart and check out.
  • How can I become a distributor of Rich Coast products?
      We currently have 13 licensed Rich Coast distributors on the Atlantic seaboard from Florida to New York. If you are interested in a Rich Coast distributorship anywhere in the USA, send your inquiry through our Contact Us page.
  • Are all of your products available in your retail stores?
      A good way to answer this is that, for the most part, the products available in the home use part of our website will be the products that are available to you for immediate purchase online as well as in-store. Our retail stores carry products which lend themselves to be conveniently used in the home such as single cup, 12oz retail bags and pre-portioned fraction pack coffees as well as sachet teas and smaller count boxes of condiments. We do, however, carry many other items in the store that are not available for commercial use...and some that we use universally across all of our sales channels. If you are looking for larger count cases or specialty items, let us know and we'll arrange to accommodate your request.
  • How long have you been in business?
      Rich Coast Coffee was founded in 1978 by Lance Ufema who has operated the company since then. Lance's son, Jason, has been with the company since 1996, and will continue the family's ownership.
  • I've seen Rich Coast in restaurants and convenience stores. Is it all the same kind of coffee?
      No. We package many different varieties of coffee in Rich Coast packaging. It would be impossible to sell one specific type of coffee and make everyone happy. There are over 100 botanical varieties of coffee grown in the World, each with its own flavor profile. After choosing a particular type of coffee, with varying roasts, grinds, packaging and brewing techniques, the results will have a tremendous diversity of flavor profiles to choose from. Our job is to present this diversity to you and provide you with the information to choose the blend that best suits your taste and budget.
  • I've noticed the Extrava brand at various restaurants. How is that different from Rich Coast Coffee?
      Extrava is our way of presenting some of the World's very best coffee varietals to our customers. They are all 100% Arabica blends. Each of these coffees have been custom, micro-roasted and precisely ground to bring out their most natural characteristics. The pack sizes are also typically larger than Rich Coast labeled coffees because the richness of the Extrava line of coffees are heightened with a larger throw weight.
  • Do you offer solutions for poor water quality?
      Yes. We have a water division within our company called Crystal Coast Water which can provide our customers with the right filtration answers to their water problems.
  • I have had Rich Coast products in restaurants and convenience stores. Can I purchase it for home use?
      Yes. If you reside close to either of our distribution centers in Lewistown or Selinsgrove, we have recently opened retail stores at both locations. Or you can view all of our products on this website, sign up for an online account, add them to your cart and you can arrange to have them shipped via common courier or you may pick them up at either of these locations for free.
  • What is Rich Coast doing as a company to be environmentally conscious?
      Our sustainable and ecologically conscious initiatives, products and services are as follows: 1. Point of Use (POU) water filtration for commercial, residential and institutional customers. Check out Crystal Coast Water for more information. We were the first company in Central Pennsylvania to offer POU water systems in competition with bottled water companies. POU water systems are not only less expensive than bottled water, but when you consider that 4.5 pounds of carbon dioxide is released into the earth's atmosphere for every 5 gallon bottle of water that is manufactured and delivered, the ultimate cost of bottled water is unaffordable. 2. We have been promoting single cup coffee brewers for years and, with our acquisition of another single cup coffee company in 2008; we have one of the largest and most diverse single cup programs anywhere: Traditional 12 cup or batch brewers consume a tremendous amount of electricity just maintaining their water tank temperature. Even in a home or a small office, the typical coffee brewer spends 1% of its time brewing coffee and 99% of its time sitting on the counter maintaining its temperature while consuming about $20 per month worth of electricity that could be diverted to more useful purposes. Not to mention the cost of operating the burner(s). We also continue to make strides in sustainable packaging which will be highlighted in our future line of single cup pods. 3. We currently deliver our products from 5-cylinder diesel Sprinters which, company wide, average 24 miles to the gallon whereas a lot of our competition are getting less than half of that efficiency with standard delivery vans.
  • How many people work for Rich Coast?
      We currently employ 30 people.
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